Please read my TOS before commissioning me!

Easy as this;

i don't do nsfw, i dont do heavy gore, i might not be able to draw the character given to me.

i can do anthro/feral/human/humanoid/simple robots/etc (ordered most comfortable to least), i can't do heavy mech or detailed tools/props. If you want a character with clothing, please make sure you have a VISUAL reference of the clothing because I cannot draw clothes based on descriptions!

PLEASE ALWAYS CREDIT ME AS TheSinkBoy WHEN USING AS A PFP, BANNER, OR ANYTHING ELSE!! please also ensure you don't make typos! you may optionally link/@ my twitter!

You can use my art as pfps, banners, video assets, game assets, really anything of the sort. However, don't use my work for crypto. Ever.

You must pay via PayPal. You must include only your username in the payment note, nothing else. Contact me via Twitter (TheSinkBoy) or Discord (sink#0109)

Please be aware that I may have really bad burn-outs and may deliver a commission between less than an hour to over a month! I would heavily discourage you from commissioning me for a piece with a deadline.


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