Welcome to the COOLZONE!

This is where I place things I like. Shout-outs to these things.

This is the KPradio. Cool tunes 24/7 - if you like odd and funky (yet underrated) tunes, special features of yours truly, and 2000s energy tracker songs, check this out!

Ya like old software? How about some fun abandonware from WinWorldPC? It's a cool archive of ancient software from 1980's-2000's from all sorts of platforms (primarily Windows, Linux and MacOS, but other things can be found, too!)

Ever wanted to find rips of an old videogame you might've played back then, regardless of obscurity? I know I have - I also like finding niche music I would've never heard otherwise. Zophar's Domain's Music section provides original and MP3 rips of countless videogames, and is a highly fun browse for anyone interested in looking at music from weird games you've never even heard of. Try that little "Random Game" link near the bottom of the sidebar... it's a fun rabbithole!

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